This recipe is for an authentic Spanish tortilla. Once it has cooked it should be golden brown on the outside but still succulent and moist in the middle. It is also excellent served cold and makes fantastic picnic food cut into wedges. In Spain, you’ll often find it in bars served as tapas, cut into small cubes and speared onto cocktail sticks or put in a chunk of crusty bread for a portable feast.
  1. Heat half the oil and butter in a non-stick frying pan with a base that is 20cm in diameter. Add the onion and sauté for about 5 minutes until softened but not coloured. Thinly slice the potatoes, dry well in a tea towel and add to the pan, tossing to combine. Season generously, reduce the heat and cover with a lid or flat plate, then cook gently for 20-25 minutes until tender. Turn them over once or twice and shake the pan occasionally to ensure they cook evenly.
  2. Break the eggs into a large bowl and add a good pinch of seasoning, then whisk lightly with a fork. When the onion and potato mixture is cooked quickly stir into the beaten eggs with the cheese. Wipe out the pan and use it to heat the remaining oil and butter. Tip in the potato and egg mixture, pressing it down gently and reduce to the lowest setting. Cook for 15-20 minutes and when there is virtually no raw egg mixture left on top of the tortilla, then turn out onto a flat plate. Slide the tortilla back in and cook for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and set aside for 5 minutes to finish cooking. It should be cooked through but still moist in the centre.
  3. To serve warm or cold, turn the tortilla onto a chopping board and cut into slices. Place a slice on each plate with some mixed salad.

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