in harmony

with nature

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it all starts with

the greenest grass

In Ireland, two-thirds of the land is used for agriculture and 80% of our farmland is used to grow green grass.

Thanks to regular rainfall, Irish soil is naturally irrigated and free from water stress.

creating fodder for the

happiest cows in the world

Ireland has a national sustainable

dairy assurance scheme

What makes Irish Cows so happy? Truth be told they’re a little spoilt. Our dairy cows enjoy a healthy grass-based diet all year round. Cows graze outdoors on green pastures all day long, for the majority of the year

There's an average of

just two cows per hectare

There’s plenty of room and no shortage of fodder

Traditionally we have

small herd sizes

With an average dairy herd of 70 cows.

Ireland has a national sustainable

dairy assurance scheme

Which independently audits every Irish farm at 18 month intervals. The scheme ensures we stay at the cutting edge of sustainability practices.

nurtured by

dedicated farmers

Dairy is in


For over 6,000 years, Irish farmers have been milking cows and producing the finest dairy products.

In Ireland

Farming is a family business

With 17,000 family-owned farms and 36 co-op dairies, three generations working on the same farm together is not a rare sight.

Modern and traditional

farming methods

Are passed down from generation to generation.

On average,

a hectare of farmland

Only changes hands once every 400 years.

together they produce

the most delicious milk

Ireland is the most carbon efficient milk producer in the EU.

5 million tonnes of milk are produced in Ireland every year.

churning into

heavenly dairy

Beta Carotene

a pigment in the grass

Is the secret to our butter’s rich golden colour.

Sustainability is

not just statistics

It can be fun too. We aim to sustain our employees through initiatives including opportunities for learning and career development.

from farm to fridge

with increased efficiency


Ireland’s dairy produce

Is enjoyed all over the world, with 85% of Irish milk exported to over 110 markets.



Produces enough food for more than 10 times its population.