Cut open the burger buns and coat he two cut surfaces with soft Kerrygold butter. Roast the halves of the bread with the cut surface on the hot grill for 30 seconds and set aside.

Peel the onions and cut them into thin rings.

Put the flour in one bowl and the whisked egg yolk in another. First, roll the onion rings in flour, then mix with the egg yolk.

Heat the butter in a cast pan or saucepan and then fry the onions briefly in hot fat. Skim off and drain on a kitchen towel. Keep warm until use.

Season the ground beef with salt and pepper, mix and shape into a burger patty according to the size of the burger bun.

Over direct heat, roast the patty on one side for 2 minutes and immediately after turning place two slices of Vintage Cheddar on the meat and grill on the second side for 2-3 minutes.

Move the patty to indirect heat and grill the bacon parallel to the patty.

Mix the mayonnaise with the paprika and jalapeno/chilli flakes.

Brush both halves of the bread roll with the paprika-chilli mayonnaise and then, from the bottom to top, place the baby spinach leaves, bacon, burger patty with the melted cheese and plenty of deep-fried onions on the bottom half of the bread roll.

Put on the top half and serve.

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