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  1. Put the flour and salt into a bowl and add the butter. Mix it through with a fork then add the egg and break it up lightly.
  2. Add the water and continue to mix with the fork and then, with your hands, bring the dough together.
  3. Knead lightly for 1-2 minutes, cover and rest for 30 minutes.
  4. Put the potato into a bowl and add the butter.
  5. Mash the butter through the potato and season well. Add the scallions and grated cheese; mix well and set aside.
  6. Roll out the dough thinly on a floured surface and cut into rounds with a scone cutter.
  7. Add a spoonful of filling onto the dough, wet the edges of the dough and fold over.
  8. Lift into your hand and press around the edge to seal.
  9. Put the dumpling onto a floured tray while you finish making the rest, re-rolling the remaining dough.
  10. Bring a pot of water to the boil and cover another tray with a clean tea towel.
  11. Reduce the heat to simmering and drop the 6-8 dumplings into the water.
  12. When they float to the top after 1-2 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon and place on a tea towel to cool.
  13. Repeat until all the dumplings have been boiled.
  14. Melt a spoonful of butter in a large pan until foaming and, in a single layer, fry the dumplings for 3-4 minutes until golden on each side.
  15. Transfer to a warmed plate and keep warm.
  16. Wipe out the pan with kitchen paper then continue to fry the rest in the remaining butter.
  17. Serve hot with crème fraiche and a sprinkle of chopped scallion.

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