• For the pizza dough: (makes 6-8 dough balls)
  • 1kg of strong/bread flour
  • 6g of fresh yeast (or 3g of dry active)
  • 600ml of cold water
  • 30g of sea salt
  • For the spicy San Marzano tomato and butter sauce:
  • 800g of San Marzano tomatoes (or any good Italian plum tomatoes)
  • 1 brown onion (L, cut into 2 halves)
  • 5 tbsp Kerrygold Pure Irish Salted Butter
  • 50g of 'Nduja' Sausage. Available at most good Italian food shops
  • For the pizza:
  • 20g dough ball
  • Spicy San Marzano and butter sauce
  • Fresh basil
  • Fresh mozzarella


For the pizza dough:  
  1. Mix the yeast and water together
  2. Add 10% of flour to act as a buffer before adding salt.
  3. Add remaining flour and combine all the elements together, kneading for 10-20 mins until smooth (this will build the gluten network)
  4. Cover the dough mixture and let it rest for approx. one hour, this will allow the dough to relax and fully absorb all elements.
  5. Divide the mixture into 6 or 8 balls of even size/weight
  6. Place the dough balls on a floured tray & cover with cling film. Leave these to proof at room temp for 5-7 hours depending on temperature. If the dough is starting to proof before that, you can place them into the fridge.
  7. After proofing, the dough should be doubled in size. At this point dough is good to use but for optimum results put into the fridge for 24-48 hours to slow proof.
  8. Before cooking, remove the pizza dough from the fridge about 45 mins to an hour to get the dough to room temperature
  9. You are now ready to make pizza.
  For the Spicy San Marzano Tomato and Butter Sauce  
  1. Fry off Nduja sausage in a pot
  2. Once cooked through, add in the Kerrygold butter and the San Marzano tomatoes
  3. Next, add in the onions (halves not chopped) and bring this mixture to a boil
  4. Once boiling, you can then reduce to a simmer for 45 minutes
  5. Finally, season with salt to taste
For the pizza:  
  1. Preheat your grill about 15 minutes before cooking the pizza
  2. Next, flatten out your pizza dough ball with your hands on a lightly floured work surface
  3. Starting at the center & working outwards, use your fingertips to press the dough to about a half inch in thickness.
  4. Turn and stretch the dough until it will not stretch any further.
  5. Once you have your desired pizza shape, brush the top lightly with olive oil (this will prevent it getting soggy form the toppings)
  6. place your pizza dough in a frying pan & spread your San Marzano tomato and butter sauce on your pizza dough
  7. Next, add the parmesan & fresh basil to the pizza
  8. Once the bottom of your pizza is cooked from the pan, it is ready to go under the grill for 2 to 3 minutes
  9. Before placing your pan under the grill, add your fresh mozzarella to the top of the pizza
  10. Grill the pizza, until the crust is slightly browned, and your mozzarella cheese has melted
  11. The pizza will only need 2 to 3 minutes  under the grill so make sure to keep an eye on it

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