Memories in the Making TV Advert Launches

We are proud to announce our first TV campaign in Ireland since 2010. The advert, Memories in the Making, centres on the link between generations of family members and how these lessons are passed on through the years. It is these memories and experiences that we share with the people that matter to us, that make us who we are and create the bonds that tie families together. The Kerrygold brand is associated with iconic advertising that has entered the Irish vernacular: ‘Who is taking the horse to France?’ and ‘You can put a bit of butter on the spuds, André’. Many of these adverts have focussed on the love that exists for Kerrygold across the world. This new advert, like Kerrygold, has a distinctly Irish look and feel. View our new advert below and our recipe section where you’ll find the recipe used in the ad along with many others.